Testing and Support

Software testing is very common nowadays, most since all our computers, phones, TVs and… well, mostly everything has a computer code in it. So after the website is ready we make sure that it goes through Exploratory testing, which will check its functionality as a user/client would use it. The contact forms, links, pictures, videos, likes, contents, pages, and the list can go on depending on the business and website.

This part is very important to make sure that no mistakes with contact pages and neither other links that have to be there will be there and work as designed. Before going live we present it all to you so you can verify and guarantee that we did the work right. We don’t allow for the websites to be changed too much outside the theme chosen initially. We work this way to provide and make sure that the website will not break down, and of course, so we can make the price better for you.

The only way to deliver professional affordable websites is if we stick to the plan. Understanding the business, analyzing what it needs, building, delivery, and testing.

Testing User Interactions

Testing also goes on with the user interaction, while we can, if needed and approved by the client, record a heat map of user/client interaction on the website pages. This is very important to see how what are the clients doing on your website after they come in. If there is an area that we want to direct them to, we can try to provide that path. Bringing the client to your site is the first step then you need interaction to sell your service.


The support is there if you need it. If you choose to have the monthly fee for support and updates you will be very well taken care of. Every update is done with the customer’s consent and will be notified after updates are concluded. Remember that we also provide a VPS(virtual private server) to store your website in. This private server also goes thru updates, not often, but a few minutes of downtime can be expected. This will not affect your business you can be sure.

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